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Top Ten Things I learned in PR Writing (Final) April 22, 2010

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Public Relations Advertising/Writing was very different than I originally expected. I did not realize the involvement that would be required. Although it was very time consuming, there were very many things that I learned. I have come up with a top ten list including the most prevalent things that I will be taking away from this class.

  1. I now know that social networking sites are your friend, especially for people that will be working in PR. I did not know about 4square or PR OpenMic prior to this class. Both of these sites have tools to help yo connect with people around you in a fun and easy way.
  2. I learned from guest-speaker Jeff Houck that face-to-face interaction is key to building relationships and getting your foot in the door. This does not necessarily mean meeting over coffee to discuss work-related material. It can mean having lunch person to person, discussing life in general.
  3. I learned that it is vital to know and fully understand AP Stlye. If you are in PR and make grammatical errors in your writing, especially press releases and such, you will be overlooked and your work will probably be sent to the trash. Do your homework and get everything right. It will make you look more credible and journalists will appreciate the time you are saving them.
  4. Social media news releases are a new way to give press releases. They offer links to other websites, graphics, videos and even audio clips that all help to enhance the release. They are also easier to find and generally open to public view, unlike traditional press releases.
  5. I found out, despite the fight I put up getting one, that Twitter is not as bad as I thought. It can actually be a quite helpful tool for getting information about events and simply networking with people. Twitter is a good way to get your name out there for people to see. Another thing it is good for is increasing your visivbility on search engines. Things like Twitter and PROpen Mic can help you boost your name to the top of the list.
  6. I learned a great deal about what annoys journalists. PR people often can get under their skin by making stupid mistakes. Check out my blog post, TOW13: How to Annoy a Journalist, to find out a little more on this topic.
  7. I learned that pictures really do speak 1,000 words. A visual such as an infographic can enhance a blog or promotion by drawing readers in. Pictures can also sometimes explain things better than words. For example, a map of Disney World is easier to understand than a page-long explanation about how to get around the park.
  8. I found out that commenting on people’s blogs are important for increasing the traffic to your own. It helps your visibility and allows people to respond to yours as well.
  9. There are many different ways for PR people to get information out. I learned how to prepare fact sheets, press releases, social media news releases, media kits and personality profiles. All of these things are vital for a PR professional to know about.
  10. Lastly, I learned that blogs should include pictures, bullets, hyperlinks and numbers to help break up monotony of text.

All of these things combined show that this class was a very effective tool for furthering my professional career. Thanks for reading!


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