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Social Media News Release: Final Project April 20, 2010

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Social media news releases are the growing rage for PR people. A social media news release is essentially a news release prepared for the Internet.  They can include links to other websites, videos, audio clips and pictures/graphics to really grab the interest of the reader. SMNR’s go above and beyond the traditional news release by appealing and being available to journalists as well as bloggers, podcasters, devoted readers and the general public.

According to Social Media Training, Tom Foremski wrote a post in 2006, entitled Die Press Release, Die Die Die, in which he introduced the idea of social media news releases. In it he explained the need for more than just “useless and artificial” traditional news releases. He gave PR practitioners a challenge to make the old style of press releases more interesting and media-integrated.  He wanted these new press releases to be able to be split into sections with tagged categories.

Todd Defren  thus provided a template for the social media news releases and in 2008 IABC said they would try to develop standards for such types of releases.

There are many advantages to using social media news releases. Unlike original styled press releases, they are easy to connect with and more readily available to get a hold of. They are also easy to share and can provide more information than a general news release because of all of the things that it can link to.

One disadvantage to the growing popularity of such resources might be that people who are not web-savvy will be missing out on the information they might have received in a traditional press release.

PR practitioners should consider using these because of the growing popularity of web-users. Social networking sites are constantly growing which means that people are more likely to share this kind of information via Internet than ever before. Social media news releases are another way to keep up with the growing demand of getting information in the form of the web. Paper is no longer a necessity; so another advantage to using these is the fact that paper can be saved. This in turn means that journalists will have less to thumb through and keep on their desks.

One website to keep in mind when preparing a social media news release is PitchEngine. This website is used by several big-name companies including McDonald’s, Kmart, Ford Racing, Mattel, Dove, Coca-Cola and many more.

Here is an example of Ford’s SMNR.

Another website that will help you create one is Pressitt. This website is user-friendly and will guide you in making the social media news release you are looking for.

If the other two websites aren’t what you’re looking for when creating a social media news release, try out PRX Builder.

When creating an SMNR, it is a good idea to implement the following things:

  1. Include many links
  2. Make your headline catchy
  3. Share your release online
  4. Include video/audio and graphics
  5. Tag social media sites
  6. Post them on your company blog
  7. Have a space for comments

This list is referenced with Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Hopefully all of these tools and tips will get you where you need to be when creating or understanding a social media news release.

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