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Chapter 13 Reading Notes April 20, 2010

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These notes come from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox

1. Newsletters are cost effective, easy to produce and can reach any number of small, specialized audiences

2. A publication’s design should reinforce the content and also reflect the organization’s personality.

3. Layout is a plan showing the arrangement of the material in the publication–the size and location of such items as:

  • stories
  • regularly appearing columns
  • headlines
  • photographs
  • artwork

4. Keep these things in mind when doing the layout for a newsletter or magazine:

  • use white space
  • vary paragraph length
  • break up longer stories with boldface subheads
  • create bulleted lists
  • use only 2 or 3 typefaces
  • keeps articles relatively short for maximum interest
  • inside pages should balance on another
  • use headlines that give information

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