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Chapter 12 Reading Notes April 20, 2010

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These notes come from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox

1. The media has traditionally has had the following characteristics:

  • it is centralized
  • it costs a lot of money to become a publisher
  • it is staffed by professional gatekeepers (editors and publishers)
  • it features mostly one-way communication with limited feedback channels

2. The new media is characterized by:

  • widespread broadband
  • cheap/free, easy-to-use online publishing tools
  • new distribution channels
  • mobile devices
  • new advertising paradigms

3. Here are some tips for writing on the web:

  • Write the way you talk
  • Limit each page to a single concept
  • Use a lot of bullet-point lists
  • Make sure each page provides the context readers need
  • Limit the use of italics and boldface
  • Don’t overuse hyperlinks within narrative text
  • Make sure your hyperlinks are relevant
  • Provide feedback options for readers

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