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TOW 15: SMNR April 19, 2010

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A social media news release is a news release designed specifically for online use. The idea was created by a man named Tom Foremski in 2006 when he made public his dislike of traditional press releases. He said that PR practitioners should come up with something that is more practical and useful in place of the straight-forward news releases that were usually sent to the press. Unlike traditional news releases, social media news releases target an audience of more than just the press. They are geared for journalists, bloggers, publishers and anyone else who is interested. It can be shared within these people and commented on like a blog. They sometimes can include links to other websites, videos, pictures or audio clips. The reason these are so valuable is because they go above and beyond a traditional news release. More people can see them, they are more user-friendly and still offer a wide range of information. You can include the regular style of narration or just have facts and straight information.

Foremski said that traditional news releases were “useless and artificial.” Social news releases thus grew out of his challenge to PR Practitioners to be more innovative and interesting. He wanted them to contain information about the product or service, quotes from the CEO of the company as well as customers and analysts, financial information and links.

More and more people are beginning to use the web to receive information. This is why PR practitioners should use social media news releases. PR people, more than almost anyone in any other profession, are responsible for staying on top of social networking and things of that nature. A social news release provides an easy way for web-users to access information and images that help build the idea that is trying to be conveyed.

Check out these sites for more information on SMNR’s:


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