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TOW 14: 5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling April 19, 2010

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When taking the NewsU course, 5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling, I was surprised at how un-interactive it was. Usually, these courses take at least an hour, if not two. It seemed like the only thing to do in this one was to read information. I’m not saying I learned absolutely nothing, I just was a little surprised at the amount that I learned versus my expectations.

One of the things I did learn about was the idea of creating a storyboard. It is not an artistic drawing but rather a simple scribble of the basic components of the article or paper. You can change it as you go along. It is basically just a rough guide for you to keep so you keep focus.

I learned some other valuable things including picking out the type of media to use for your publication. If you are going to use video, it should be short. A 1-2 minute video would be ideal but if it  must go longer, it is important to make sure it does not exceed 4 minutes.  For audio, make sure it is high-quality. Unless it is really old and is supposed to have the scratchy noises, make sure it is a pure, clear sound. Also, background music will only take away from the story unless it is completely essential to your piece. That makes sense because if music is too loud or overbearing, people will become more interested or distracted by that rather than the main focus being your story.

Photos are always a good thing to have, so it is important to always add some that are pertinent to your story. I thought it was neat that a photo replaces roughly 1,000 words because people “read” pictures. I never thought about that but photos are incredibly helpful to any story I read. It helps to break up the monotony of the text.


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