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TOW 12: The Hobson & Holtz Report- For Immediate Release April 8, 2010

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I listened to the Hobson & Holtz Report today entitled, “For Immediate Release.”This podcast is basically a compilation of ideas on social interacting and/or new technologies. Specifically in this podcast, Ron Ploof discussed various ideas. Ron Ploof is a self-titled “story-teller,” (AKA blogger). He helps executives understand new media and various social mediums. He wrote a book especially for those executives using their “language” or more clearly, the way they talk. He also started a podcast in 2005 entitled Griddlecakes Radio.

Anyway, one thing that is good about this podcast is that it gives information about upcoming social events, such as an upcoming communications forum. That is good because if PR students or practitioners listen in, they have yet another way to network and get information.

There was a segment from Dan York in which they discussed Apple’s new iPad. He said that it is a great device for consuming content, but not for creating it. It operates on an iPod OS system which is a closed system. Apple serves as the gatekeeper in this setup. The good thing about that is is that it is a pure, error-free (for the most part) system with a smooth run. The negative thing is that users cannot upload applications they have made as easily as in some other networks. They have to mostly go through iTunes to do anything like that.

This podcast not only heard from Dan York, but they also have segments for other guest speakers such as Neville, other clients and regular listeners. One of the things discussed was real-time and how the media is shifting from mainstream news sources to more user-oriented coverage. For example, they were talking about how an earthquake happened in LA and within 2 minutes, there were already eight-hundred Tweets confirming the shake.

This podcast is a good thing for PR students to listen to because they can get new information and networking opportunities.


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