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Infographics: TOW Week 11 April 5, 2010

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Infographics are pictures that provide information, usually statistics about a specific area of interest. They can explain information and help re-enforce the topic into an audience’s mind. Some examples of infographics can include: scales, tables, charts, graphs, labels, pictograms, diagrams, and so on. PR practitioners may make one to put emphasis on a product while providing data at the same time. For example, my client is a photographer, so to show price comparisons between her company and competing companies in the area, I could take a picture of a camera and cut off the top as the services get cheaper. If that is confusing, think of it this way: the most expensive company would have a whole camera next to their name, then a company who is less expensive than that would have a camera with roughly a quarter of a camera cut off the top. Next, my client could compare to the other companies by showing her as the cheapest. Therefore her “camera” would be smaller than the rest. I made an example for you to look at here:

To create an infographic, you need to start off knowing your statistics or data. Once you have in mind exactly what you want to convey, think about a unique way to communicate your agenda in a way that reflects your client. Here I used a camera for for my photographer client. The camera shows the price differences between my client and nearby competitors. To make your own use a software like Photoshop to create the visual you want. If you have trouble using the software you can find many tutorials by simply typing “Photoshop tutorials” into Google.


One Response to “Infographics: TOW Week 11”

  1. Brittany rollings Says:

    It does kind of make sense to see how you used the camera idea. It’s like if the camera is full price show the whole camera and with graphics you can slice the camera and the price is being cut down. I have seen this sort of thing done for other sites as well, like math sites that use pie charts.

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