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TOW Week 9 & 10: PROpenMic March 23, 2010

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PROpenMic is still new to me but I have found out some ways in which it can be useful to students, even students who aren’t solely interested in PR. It obviously is geared to people in Public Relations but I am extremely interested in graphic design. One of the ways in which I can use it for that, is I can look in the job search to find job listings or internships nearby. I looked up graphic design internships in Florida and found some nearby opportunities and even job listings as well. I thought that was so neat because I am sure there are even more job opportunities listed for PR students. This website would be a perfect tool for them especially.

Another thing that I thought was neat was that you can get connected with people not only on here, but once you are friends with them you can find them on many other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also see other people’s blogs and follow them day by day. This can help a PR student stay on top of assignments with their fellow classmates and professors and also help them get to know people more.

One of the most helpful things I found on PROpenMic was the link to other job search website. College students are always trying to find ways to get their foot in the door or find an interesting job opportunity. This website links to internship search websites and job search websites. People from all over list job openings on these websites and it is nice to have one website that reaches out to multiple websites at a time. It makes it easier and less time-consuming when looking for place to apply to.

One more thing this website is good for, amongst the many things it offers, is that it allows you to upload your resume for people to see. This is sure to give you exposure and get your name out there.


2 Responses to “TOW Week 9 & 10: PROpenMic”

  1. taraparker1 Says:

    Mallory I agree with you, I wasn’t sure what exactly PROpen Mic was to begin with either. However, after getting connected, I began to see how useful it could be. I love that you can connect with students who are in the same position as us as far as getting a degree in PR and then stepping into the “real world”. I think that PROpen Mic is a great way to make some connections and see how others are doing in the PR world. It’s also neat that this site is geared to PR in itself and that you have the ability to upload your resume and search for jobs.

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