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Chapter 6 Reading Notes March 5, 2010

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These notes come from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox

1. Fact sheets are one-page background sheets about an event, a product or the organization

2. Media kits (press kits) contain a variety of materials (news releases, fact sheets, and photos)

3. A media advisory (media alert) is used to let assignment editors know about a newsworthy event or an interview opportunity that could lend itself to photo or video coverage.

4. A fact sheet for an upcoming event would contain:

  • the name of the event
  • its sponsor
  • the location
  • the date and time
  • the purpose of the event
  • the expected attendance
  • list of prominent people attending
  • any unusual aspects of the event that make it newsworthy

5. Another kind of fact sheet is a one-page fact sheet  giving key facts about an organization. Heading should include:

  • the organization’s name
  • the products or services produced
  • the organization’s annual revenues
  • the total number of employees
  • the names of top executives
  • the markets served
  • its position in the industry
  • any other pertinent details

6. A third kind of fact sheet is a summary of a new product’s characteristics which would include these details:

  • the nutrition information
  • the production process
  • pricing
  • availability
  • convenience
  • how it serves a consumer need

7. An electronic press kit is more versatile than traditional printed media kits. They include text, video, photo, audio, animation, etc…)

8. A good pitch follows these rules:

  • brevity-less than a page or screen
  • flawless syntax
  • enticing lead

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