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Weed 7 TOW: The Lead Lab March 3, 2010

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When I took The Lead Lab as a part of my PR Writing course, there were some things I learned. I was honestly surprised, though, because I thought I would learn more. It seemed like I was able to read it all and glide through it. It would not let me open up other people’s posts on the “You Be the Reporter” activity. I was kind of disappointed because I would have liked to have compared my leads that I wrote with other people’s. It would have been nice to sort of get graded on or at least get feedback as to how well I wrote the different leads. It was a neat, interactive activity, though, I must say. I liked how I was able to pick and choose what I looked at next instead of going from point A to point B, so to speak.

I thought is was interesting to see the myths. That was probably my favorite part. For example, one of the myths said that you can never begin a lead with a quote. It kind of shot that idea down by giving an example of a lead that would not have been as affective had it stuck to that rule. Another myth was that a good lead is only about 3 or lines long. That example, too, showed a lead that would not have been as attention-grabbing if it would have followed that rule.

Basically, that section proved that there are guidelines in writing and they are not necessarily rules that cannot be broken. I think, however, that it takes a well-known and prestigious individual to be able to break those rules. If you’re not well known or prestigious, I think that your writing has to be extraordinarily great to break those guidelines.


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