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Propaganda, Interesting… February 19, 2010

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I thought these ads were interesting. Most are from the early 1900’s around the Great Depression but they really showcase just how companies persuaded people. A lot of it could be offensive! Check it out…


Here are a couple examples:


2 Responses to “Propaganda, Interesting…”

  1. jemolitor Says:

    I agree with you on these ads. The whole propaganda scene back in the early 1900’s was incredible on how they were able to persuade people to buy things and to act a certain way. These ads seem fairly innocent though compared to the later years of propaganda in the 1930’s and 40’s when Hitler began to really use it. After reading the ads, it’s almost funny and entertaining because it seems so absurd. In today’s advertising world, I don’t think ads like this could be used without being taken offensively. I feel as though ads and propoganda will take off and never look like the ads full of propoganda again.

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