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Week 5: Superbowl Ads February 10, 2010

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Superbowl ads are always an interesting piece of entertainment. It seems like people actually enjoy watching commercials during this time because of the high bar that has been set by companies in the past. I know I always look forward to seeing some funny and innovative ones. This year, though, I thought that the commercials were not as good as I had hoped for. Although they weren’t my favorite set of ads, I did enjoy a few. One of my favorites included the Doritos Samurai commercial.

I think humor is one of the best ways to make people feel apart of your specific product. Laughing makes you feel warm and fuzzy. People want to laugh. So why not make an ad that people will enjoy? This tactic probably increases sales and encourages people to have those same warm and fuzzy feelings toward your company.

I did not like the Back-up Plan commercial. Since when does showing one clip from a movie make people want to watch it? If anything it made me want to change the channel and fast! I have no idea to this day what that movie is about. All I saw was a lady having a baby in an indoor baby pool. J-Lo was trying to discourage her from looking at it but that’s about all I know. The trailer did not describe the plot in any way, it did not show any kind of climatic events, nor did it even give any visual appeal. In my opinion, that commercial was a complete bomb. I suggest that the producers of that commercial get together look at the ad from an outsider’s perspective. It is probably easy to include an important scene in the movie if you know what the rest of the movie contains. Keep trying guys, keep trying.


3 Responses to “Week 5: Superbowl Ads”

  1. I agree that the best ads are the ones that make you laugh! Everyone loves to laugh especially when you are at a party. Also, people really like to talk about the commercials after the super bowl, and the ones that people end up talking about are the ones that are funny! I agree with you on the ad for the movie. All that I remember about that was the same thing, J-lo in the pool with a bunch of people around, trying to have a baby. In my opinion, not the thing you really want people to remember. But, then again, I did remember it, and now I am writing about it, so maybe it did more good then we think! Hmm… the strategies of marketing.

  2. whitness07 Says:

    That was a very odd trailer. I was only able to watch the ending of the Super Bowl so I didn’t see that commercial until now. It just looks like a movie of childbirth madness. I guess it falls under the “teaser” category but it looks so crazy that I don’t know if I care to know what the movie will be about. The title of the movie doesn’t explain anything and let alone doesn’t even seem to match the scenes depicted in the commercial. If anything the commercial brings even more fear to those women who dread to experience the pain of childbirth. It is true what you said about laughter, and I agree. I’ve heard it said that to make someone laugh is to capture their heart but this commercial does not make me laugh at all it just makes me confused and annoyed by all the screaming. Maybe future trailers of this movie will describe a little more and attract more viewers.

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