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Week 4: Cleaning Your Copy February 2, 2010

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After doing the lesson, “Cleaning Your Copy,” I realized that I do not know as much about grammar as I should. I never realized how many aspects of grammar, style, punctuation and spelling there were.

First of all, I still feel as though I am not comprehending some abbreviations. There are so many exceptions to rules; it is kind of confusing. I did not know that street abbreviations were so technical. I learned, though, that compass points, such as east or west, should be abbreviated when it is paired with a street name and number.

I have always been confused about semi-colons and colons. I always thought that semi-colons were used to separate two complete sentences. Cleaning Your Copy, however, explained that colons are used for that purpose. After dealing with the colons, I figured I had always been confused and simply got the two mixed up. Then the semi-colons came along and they, too, separated two complete ideas. Does anyone know what the major difference is there? Furthermore, if semi-colons and colons separate ideas, then why do we even need to bother with dashes? I may go back and do this all again to ease my mind because all of that seems like one big blur right now.

I know I have been making this exercise sound complicated and frustrating but I assure you it is helpful. If I would not have done it I would have never known the areas of grammar that I need to work on. I recommend bookmarking the link and maybe quizzing yourself again at a later time to see what you have improved on–I think that is what I am going to do.


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