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Week 3: Blog comments are key January 27, 2010

Filed under: COMM 4333,T.O.W. — mbboulware @ 3:22 pm

Blog comments are an affective way of interacting with other users and expressing viewpoints that may or may not agree with the story. They are  best when they further explain the subject of discussion. Without comments, a post would be bland and one-sided; it would be boring. They add color and new takes on the subject. I would suggest providing concrete examples of the subject to make it more down-to-earth. I would also keep it simple and straight to the point to keep from losing interest. As a new blog user, I am still learning the best way to interact. What do you think are some other ways to keep comments interesting?

It is easy to comment on things that we like, right? What about the posts that we do not necessarily see eye-to-eye with? One of the things that sometimes makes me leery about commenting on something I disagree with is the fear of offending someone. I think a lot of people avoid commenting based on that same fear. It is important to think about the way we respond. We need to make sure we use a tone that conveys confusion or misunderstanding on our side. That way, the writer does not feel attacked, but he/she is also able to further express their opinions while also seeing yours.  I want people to respond to my posts and maybe offer a new light to what I did not see. So, I say to anyone who is afraid to disagree with my posts- fear no more! I welcome every question, comment, concern, confusion or interest.


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